FRC 200x90The Hospital upholds a management model that has been imitated by similar centers. The Rof Codina Foundation (RCF) guarantees the financing for the hospital and makes up half of the equally represented commission. This commission along with the University of Santiago de Compostela is responsible for safeguarding and complying with the triple objective of teaching, service, and research.


The local and regional institutions have responded positively in terms of the support that the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) requested in 1994. Indeed, all of them share the criteria that good teaching in Veterinary medicine would be impossible without the complementary training offered on a practical and clinical level at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, just as this sector demands.

On the 4th of May, 1994, the Foundation letter was signed and the Foundation Rof Codina Statutes were established.


The Rof Codina Foundation was founded in Lugo on the 19th of May, 1994, by Public Act number 1.355, issued by Manuel Julio Reigada Montoto, Notary Public, and in which the Foundation Letter and the Foundation Statutes appear, as well as the consent for use on part of the legitimate owners (the Provincial Council Office of Lugo and the University of Santiago de Compostela) of the personal property and real estate that make up the Rof Codina University Veterinary Hospital (RC-UVH).

It is registered as number 1994/3 in the Sole Registry of Foundations of Galician Interest, and was classified as a mixed organization by Order of the regional government’s Presidential & Public Administration Councilor, on 29th September 1994 (DOGA number 1203, 20th October), and was also declared of Galician interest by another order of the same Councilor on 20th December, 1994 (DOGA number 1246, 23rd December).

In June, 1994, the new Chancellor’s team for the USC occupied their posts under the direction of Mr. Dario Villanueva Prieto which provided the original project with a revitalized and decisive impulse. In August of the same year there was a change in the Foundation Chair holder and the then Councilor of Education, Mr. Juan Piñeiro Permuy, became the new President. At the same time the members of the Board of Trustees were appointed. In all, there were twelve of them with three coming from each one of the founding institutions; the Vice President positions were assumed by the most senior decision makers of the USC and of the Provincial Council Office in Lugo.

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