Financiación y planes de pago

Hospital Rof Codina currently, is financed largely thanks to the health care services provided by, reason why need to understand that economic sustainability must be guaranteed in each clinical case which is entrusted to us. Please let us know if you have budget constraints prior to diagnosis and treatment.

When the initial assessment has been completed, and whenever requested to do so by the owner of the animal, we will provide a preliminary estimate of the cost of veterinary care. If your pet requires hospitalization, you will need to assume the payment of half of this estimate deposit. Please note that these estimates may vary if you have complications, which depends not only on our work.

For all services will be cash in full at the time of hospital discharge. The Rof Codina Foundation cannot offer plans of funding for the payment of our services, although we accept all credit cards that may have associated deferred payment mechanisms with financial institutions. If you know that finances will be a problem, please, contact our admission service to resolve it before continuing with your case.

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